Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mrs Textiles Feature

I recently stumbled across an email in my junk mail sent by a lovely lady called Gabrielle from a website called Mrs Textiles (Mrstextiles.com) asking if I would like to be featured on her website. After browsing through her site, I agreed! I love what she was doing with her website. Her aim is to form a website where children can find and browse different artists for inspiration-all under one website! Sounds like an amazing concept. I remember trying to find inspirational artists at school- it was near impossible! I would browse for what felt like hundreds of websites for hundreds of hours and find very few of what I actually liked. As a teacher, Gabrielle has caught onto this and has created a website to solve this problem. It serves as a place dedicated to textile artists for children to draw inspiration from and I am very proud to be a part of that!

Check out the feature here>>>http://mrstextiles.com/?p=539

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