Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Poppy Cushion on The Alan Titchmarsh Show!

Branded beautiful by Alan himself! Thanks to my boss Lisa Comfort for taking it along while promoting her book Sew Over It! To get your hand on one yourself, they are now available to buy here.

My Top Selfish Creations for the Year 2012

No matter how much I make, the itch to create something new never subsides. Here are my favourites of this year (clockwise from top left)...

1.) Matching shorts and crop top (my first official attempt at dressmaking i.e. I actually stuck to all of the rules and didn't blag it!)

2.) Polka dot dress with removable peter pan collar. This started out as a shift dress, but upon completion I realised it wasn't the most flattering of dresses for my petite frame. It was far too big, despite being the right size, and my fabric of choice didn't drape very well (it's all a learning curve!). So, in an attempt to save it I made it more tight fitting and added a peter pan collar.

3.) Oilcloth wash bag. From Lisa Stickley oilcloth remnants.

4.) Leather backpack for my travels. This is made from Mulberry leather remnants that my mum snapped up at a car boot sale!

5.) Embroidered armadillo leather bag. Inspired by what I wanted to see in America (but didn't). The shape is similar to an overpriced bag I saw in Topshop and ofcourse thought 'I could do that'. And I did :-)

6.) Weekend holdall bag. Made from the last of the Lisa Stickley fabric and based on the weekend bag class  at Sew Over It.

7.) Polka dot purse. Also made from Lisa Stickley fabric remnants.

Kirstie's Vintage Home

So I did some filming for Channel 4's 'Kirstie's Vintage Home' a while back, The episodes have just aired and I was featured in a few of them. It's for mere milliseconds within those filler shots, but it's exciting to be on TV none the less. I was hoping they would feature less of my face and more of my work, but the one with me on the machine is the closest thing I got to that. On the upside, I have been credited on the Channel 4 website with a link to my website. Although somehow they have managed to get my name wrong, but my website right, despite my website being my name with '.com' put on the end of it. Oh well, you win some you lose some :-)

Love Embroidery Magazine

My Card Holder Craft Kits have popped up in Love Embroidery Magazine!

Page 33

Material World by Perri Lewis is in all good book shops now. Don't forget to flick to page 33 to get my two cents on fabric paint!