Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm officially on Not On The High Street!

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto Not On The High Street. I have been busy snapping away my wares. My house has the worst lighting, zero white/empty surfaces and just generally far too much junk that is necessary. Photography hell in other words! I was lucky enough to be able to use my work place-the lovely Sew Over It as my photographing environment. The shop has plenty of light, white walls & tables and best of all, it's is full of sewing props to help with the lifestyle photography element! Photography heaven!

I can officially announce that they photos are finally uploaded and live on the site. Whoopie! Take a look here and let me know what you think x


  1. Hi there, I really like reading your blog and find your work very inspirational. I have awarded your blog a Liebster Blog Award, if you get chance hop over to my blog to see what that is.
    Happy making! x

  2. Oh wow thank you! I have taken a look at your blog and think I get it! Glad I have managed to inspire someone, that is always nice to hear :) x