Monday, 1 July 2013


As a way of saving a few pennies, I have been doing a little recycling recently...

Exhibit A: I dug out an old Primark vest that had been buried into the deep dark corners of my wardrobe-evidence in itself that it wasn't getting any wear. I decided to turn it into a simple crop top by using a dress I have with the same neckline. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of this in it's previous form, but here it is in it's completed glory!

Exhibit B: I was browsing the amazing charity shops that Clapham High Street have on offer, one day before work and this fabric caught my eye. Upon further inspection, I discovered that it was a pair of wide leg trousers. I wasn't sure about the garment itself, but loved the fabric so much that I decided to go ahead and purchase in trousers anyway (a whole £4!) in the hope that I can make something from the fabric.

So, i went home and unpicked every single seam as carefully as I possibly could, making sure no fabric goes to waste. I knew that ideally, I wanted to make a summer dress from the fabric-ambitious considering the limitations on fabric!

I used a button down skirt that I had at home as the pattern for the bottom (it JUST about squeezed on!) and then used a vintage shirt pattern as a rough guide for the top. Luckily it all worked out fine in the end-it just about buttons up and it is pretty short, but I love it! I've already worn it several times-it's so incredibly comfortable!

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