Monday, 4 November 2013

Sew Over It Patterns & Kits

So I'm a little late posting this but...the Sew Over It patterns and kits have arrived!!!
Aren't they pretty!?

For anyone who doesn't know, I work at Sew Over It, but was really touched when Lisa (founder of Sew Over It) offered me the step by step illustration work for the patterns and kits. Ofcourse, I was said YES and the rest is history.

We were already selling kits in the shop, but wanted to rebrand it all so that when we released the patterns they would all be uniform and easily recognised as Sew Over It. Lisa selected what she thought would work best and off we went. It really felt like a Sew Over It team effort. Lisa was doing the patterns, I was on board with the illustrations, and Dom (who also works there) was writing up the instructions. 
One of my illustrations taken from the Shift Dress Pattern instruction booklet.

I'm super excited about seeing the patterns, with my hand drawn illustrations in them, finally released to the public. People will be making the patterns up and following my illustrations! I felt like I had been working on them for so long I forgot what it was all for! But here they are finally, in the flesh. I can actually hold it close to my bosom now. It's real.

They've already been blogged about and are selling amazingly! I even saw a little peak of my illustrations on Tilly's blog! Eeeeee!

image from Tilly and The Buttons

You can buy your very own pattern or kit from the Sew Over It shop in Clapham, or order one here.

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