Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Lines Acoming...

I have recently decided to extend my range and create embroidered tea towels! I was having a look at my existing tea towels at home and noticed that many of them do have embroidered details on them- hideous embroidered details, but embroidered none the less! This inspired my to create my own set of embroidered tea towels, each sporting different foods favoured by us Brits. These are the first two (both happened to be Heinz!), but there will be more to come. Other possibilities I am considering are scones, bacon/BLT, tea, fish and chips, trifle and gravy (no one non
British has ever undersood my obsession with gravy, so it must definately be a British thing!).

It's actually quite dificult to choose, as some foods are very much loved by the British public, but just don't work as stitched images. A good example I can give is bangers and mash. I think that would look pretty horrific as a stitched image. Some things just seem to get lost in translation when it comes to sewing. This is why I have opted for packaging thus far. I have kept everything really simple. They are literally stitched line drawings, but I think that is why they work. If you try to over complicate things, the delicacy of the stitched line can be over looked.

If there are any other foods anyone can think of feel free to comment and give me some more ideas! The stranger the better :)

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