Sunday, 22 January 2012

January so far...

The start of January has been a bit of a mixed bag, with the sudden death of my gangster kitty Rocky, my birthday & a wonderful trip to Istanbul.

Rocky had to be put down after having his ears got severely infected (months after they were removed due to cancer) and being diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was the gangster cat of my neighbourhood, beating up cats, foxes and dogs alike! However at home, it was a different story. He was a big softey inside- loving nothing more than curling up on your lap, purring (and dribbling due to having few teeth left from fights) as you stroked him. I'm sure he is happy, purring and dribbling in kitty heaven. R.I.P Rocky xxx

Next came my (dreaded) 25th birthday. I had planned quite a few things in order to distract me from the number-gathering my friends at my house, clubbing, a visit to Top Drawer, pub food and finally Istanbul! And I'm happy to report it worked! Istanbul provided the long over due cultural injection I needed. The mosques were amazing, the food was amazing, the snow was amazing-it was all amazing!

Not much in the way of work has happened due to all of these events coming one after another, but I am now back, a year older (and supposedly wiser) with my batteries fully charged! I am ready to jump back onto the work wagon. Bring it on! :)

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