Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Embroidered Book Bags

Have you seen these wonderful creations by Olympia Le-Tan?

They are embroidered and appliquéd canvas clutch bags based on classic books! From Moby Dick to One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest, you are sure to find one of your favourites.

The canvas fabric stays true to the feel of book cloth, adding to the character of the bag. I love that they have kept the exact size and structure of a hardback book. Front covers are often bold and eye catching images and these have translated wonderfully into textiles. Not only are they beautifully done on the outside, they are also lined with complimentary patterns fabrics.

These clutches have also been a hit with the celeb world and at £934, I think that's the world they will stay in!

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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